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Creative and
committed film director

I started as a photographer by picking up a camera at the age of forteen. Photography at that time was all what mattered to me.
After studying graphic design in Paris (ESAG), I worked as an art director and a fashion photographer. I then naturally came across filmmaking and started expanding my stories by making video portraits of close friends. Few years later, I established myself as a director. This growing passion led me to win multiple awards with documentaries about extraordinary people I met through my travels.

I now specialize in narrative documentaries, advertising and corporate films.

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Brands who trusted me

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Represented in France by Suburb (Fred Alenda)

Represented in Barcelona by GCG Europe (Virginia Wang)


My Approach

It’s all about you

Listening to you and understanding your project is my priority in order to achieve the best possible results.

Creative ideas, strong impact

Being an art director for half a decade helped me develop my creativity.
Finding engaging ideas to elevate your project is the core of my approach.

Preparation and attention to details

Before starting a shoot, preproduction has a massive role in the success of a video.

Stunning visuals

Starting as a photographer gave me the love for beautiful images. Whether it is a video I shoot myself or working with DOPs, I am always committed to offer a stunning cinematic look to your story.

Teamwork as an ethic

Filmmaking is all about teamwork. No film can be done without a good team spirit. I always make sure to bring the best people with me. Nothing is comparable to a friendly work environment and good vibes on a set.

Excellence in execution

A successful project is a project delivered on time, on budget, while fulfilling your expections.

I see stories everywhere.
Let’s tell yours