Stacie McCormick

Narrative documentary about abstract painter Stacie McCormick
Stacie McCormick’s practice follows the principal of discovery by manifesting the accident within the abstract and gestural arena.


The documentary explores the inspiration and philosophy of SCHEMA's founder. Schema is a photo gallery based in Paris.
Shot in Paris and Brittany, France.
Role: Co-Director with Vassili Brault + DOP

One pure spirit

An intimate portrait of jazz musician Etuk Ubong
This project was crafted in partnership with Sofar Sounds
Role: Director + Producer + DOP • Editor: Maël Coillard • Color: Clément Le Fouest

Artists in Light

Multi-award winning documentary about famous Romanian artists Marian and Victoria Zidaru.
WINNER at HOLLYWOOD International Independent Documentary Awards 2016
WINNER at HOUSTON International Film Festival 2017
Role: Director + Producer + Editor + Colorist

Wild and fearless

After shooting a music video with LA dancer Elana Meta, I proposed her to do an intimate portrait of her. We ended up with this narrative documentary.
Role: Director • DOP: Garrette Warner Rose • Producer: Maytal Mizrahi • Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew

Invisible Worlds

A documentary about Romanian singer and poet Maria Balabas.
She initiated musical groups such as Avant'n'Gard and Soare Staniol, inspired by techniques of improvised music, electronic and acoustic music.
Role: Director + Producer + Editor + Colorist

Free Soul

A documentary about Romanian dancer Momo Sanno. Shot in Bucharest, Romania
Momo Sanno is a professional dancer, choreographer, movement director and teacher currently based in Bucharest.
In his works, he crosses over performing genres integrating multiple folk styles, techniques and philosophy into contemporary dance narrative. 
Role: Director + Producer + Editor + Colorist

The need to create

This film explores the intricate process from which the Swiss American artist John Bernhard reaches into his own psychic and soul for creativity and inspiration.
Role: Director + Producer + Editor + Colorist

Edward Burtynsky

52 Insights Magazine • Interviewer: Ari Stein • Shot at The Flowers Gallery, London - September 2018
Role: Director • Cinematographer: Luca Rocchini

Franz Galo

Ruqsana Begum

Ruqsana Begum from east London is a Muay Thai kickboxing world champion, but for five years she kept her sport from her family.
As a young woman from a Bangladeshi, Muslim family, Ruqsana struggled for years to balance her faith and culture with the fast, furious and brutal sport she fell in love with - even hiding her trophies.
Role: Director • DOP: Ben Kent • Producer: Matt Rendell
Coming soon

Franz Galo 1.jpg

Jess Liaudin

Jess Liaudin is a French ex-MMA world champion living in London.
Real pioneer of this martial arts category, he was among the first French fighters to have ever integrated the UFC championship.
This short narrative doc explores his achievements over the year, and how he faced the demons of his tough childhood and freed himself from the pain of the past.
Role: Director and Producer
Coming soon

Photos @ Nicolas Verny