European Investment Fund

Role: Director + DOP + Editor + Colorist • Producer: Crossfire


Role: Director • DOP: Ben Kent • Producer: Matt Rendell • Agency: Fox Parrack Singapour

Fabergé & Rolls Royce

Role: Director + DOP + Editor + Colorist • Producer: Crossfire
A promotional video for the last egg by Fabergé in partnership with Rolls-Royce

Schmitt Söhne

Role: Director + DOP • Producer: Crossfire • Creative agency: Current 360

Promotional video for Schmitt Söhne wines, one of America’s top 10 wine importers.

Fueled by the rapid growth of arguably the world’s most food-friendly wine, RELAX Riesling quickly climbed to the top of the imported Riesling category. While the best Rieslings in the world come from Germany, traditional German wine labels were anything but what we marketers would call “user friendly.” RELAX Riesling changed that. Under the banner of “a wine to enjoy rather than talk about,” the label is simple and approachable.

Franz Galo

Aloha Travels

Discover the beauty of Hawaii

Role: Photographer and film director

During my stay in Hawaii, I was commissioned by travel agency Aloha Travels to create a portfolio on the natural beauty of Hawaii. Promotional video coming soon