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Ruqsana Begum

Defying the world - Coming soon

Role: Director • DOP: Ben Kent • Producer: Matt Rendell

Ruqsana Begum from east London is a Muay Thai kickboxing world champion, but for five years she kept her sport from her family.
As a young woman from a Bangladeshi, Muslim family, Ruqsana struggled for years to balance her faith and culture with the fast, furious and brutal sport she fell in love with - even hiding her trophies.
Now she's fighting to help other young Muslim women to find their own balance between fitness and faith.
These are stills from the narrative documentary about her approach on sports and women leadership.

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Jess Liaudin

MMA hero - Coming soon

Role: Director • DOP: Louis Mas
Jess Liaudin is a French ex-MMA world champion living in London. Real pioneer of this martial arts category, he was among the first French fighters to have ever integrated the UFC championship.
This short narrative doc explores his achievements over the year, and how he faced the demons of his tough childhood and freed himself from the pain of the past.

Franz Galo franzgalo

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